Centrifugados Mexicanos, founded in 1977 is the leading national precast concrete company for electrical and civil construction in Mexico.


Always looking for to be more competitive with projection of our company in terms of SERVICE, INNOVATION, MODERNITY, DYNAMISM and FLEXIBILITY, over more than 43 years of existence we have diversified widely with our Polymeric Concrete and Fiberglass products, for Civil, electrical and Communications works, in addition to having Complementary materials for these three items.

We are an innovative and avant-garde company

We currently attend the entire national territory, with 10 manufacture plants and 6 distribution warehouses, placed from Mexicali, Baja California Norte to Cancun, Quintana Roo; with more than 200,000 m2 of surface oriented to manufacture of precast concrete products.


Precast Concrete Technology

Those three words define what we do, because beyond being a supplier of precast for electrical or civil works, we manufacture technology that adapts to your needing as a builder. We offer technical advice to develop products based on the standars that your work require.

We will also advise you so that you can offer innovative and profitable solutions to your customers. Feel confident in the CENMEX team, which with the knowledge and professionalism of each one that makes it up, will gladly attend you and offer you something more than a precast product... CONFIDENCE and SECURITY.


Consolidate our company so that it allows us to grow up, relying on financial discipline, innovation and the development of our employees.

Company values








We are a team with a work culture that distinguishes us for our commitment, effectiveness and honesty.

We are in the business of serving and supplying organizations in Mexico and the South of the United States that develop infrastructure and that need electromechanical, hydraulic, civil, electronic and communications solutions. These solutions can be tailored, they must have specific technical requirements, be competitively priced, be available in a timely manner, and be delivered quickly. Our customers also need technical support, flexible terms and certified quality products.

For this reason, behind each product or service that CENMEX provides, there is a TALENTED AND COMMITTED TEAM.

We are aware of how people work, the habits they form and how they can be improved. That is why we hire the best and constantly train them so that they can both train and support others, together to make excellence a habit in our organization and that it is reflected in the SERVICE we give to our CLIENTS.


We are also committed to the health and safety of our employees, by preventing injuries, illnesses and work-related incidents, complying with the pertinent legal requirements and promoting a participatory culture of workers; thereby promoting a favorable organizational environment.

Our trademark

The identity of Our Brand reinforces the objective of Centrifugados Mexicanos as experts in the manufacture of products made from Hydraulic and Polymeric Concrete, where the priority is that everything that is marketed is RELIABLE and SAFE offering the best service to our customers.

Centrifugados Mexicanos is the company that offers products for electrical, civil and hydraulic works with the highest quality standards, which will be reflected in the durability of its works. Feel CALM and SUPPORTED by a highly trained team.


Our history has more than 43 years of EXPERIENCE, always looking to the future and aware of the needing of the current market, always setting the standard with innovations in products and services.

The first and the BIGGEST in the country, as we have several branches, providing service and distribution throughout the national territory. STRONG and STABLE organization that give you CONFIDENCE AND SECURITY.



We have LAPEM certification ( CFE Equipment and Materials Test Laboratory).

In Mexicali Plant, we have the provider certification by CESPM (Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Mexicali).


Certificado ISO 9001-2008


Certificados por LAPEM